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• Why should you join The “Be A KIDZ BOP Kid” Family?

◦ Joining Be A KIDZ BOP Kid gives you a special backstage pass to the KIDZ BOP world. You’ll be the first to see our newest videos and hear our latest songs. Members will also get access to behind-the-scenes content that’s exclusive to Be A KIDZ BOP Kid. Need another reason to join? We’ll be hosting exciting contests for you to enter each month, all with AMAZING prizes and special opportunities.

• Is BAKBK only for singers and dancers?

◦ No way, BAKBK is for everyone that has a passion that they want to share with the world. Do you like to sing, dance, cook, paint, game, unbox, talk, review movies, talk about your favorite TV shows, or anything in-between? Then we want you to join BAKBK.

• What are the requirements to be a KIDZ BOP Kid?

◦ There are zero requirements, we only ask that the material you post is friendly for all viewers.

• My channel doesn’t have a lot of subscribers, can I still join?

◦ Of course you can. BAKBK has no subscriber or view requirement and channels of every size are welcome.

• I just got accepted, what’s next?

◦ Tell the world. Post a video letting all of your friends and subscribers know that you are now part of the KIDZ BOP family.

• Can I use a KIDZ BOP song in my next video?

◦ We’d love you to use one of our awesome KIDZ BOP tracks in your video. All you need to do is check out our YouTube page right here and take your pick.

• Can BAKBK increase the amount of views and subscribers my page gets?

◦ It most certainly will. Being part of BAKBK means giving your channel more exposure than it ever saw before. Every week is another chance to have one of your videos featured on the official KIDZ BOP YouTube channel.

• How can I get out of my contract?

◦ All we need is 30-days notice and an email sent to contact@beakidzbopkid.com.

• If I left BAKBK, can I rejoin?

◦ Absolutely, you are always welcome back. You will just need to start the application process over again.

• Can I join another network if I am already in BAKBK?

◦ According to YouTube, you can only be part of one network at a time.

• How do I contact a BAKBK staff member?

◦ Feel free to email us anytime at contact@beakidzbopkid.com.

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